In 2005, the Company undertook a challenging work from a Chinese Contractor SINOTEC, for the construction of pile caps and tie-beams, for a number of transmission line towers, located in the active bed of River Chenab (near Trimmu Barrage), of 500 kV overhead power transmission line, running from Gatti (Faisalabad) to Muzaffargarh.

We also provided Project Management services to SINOTEC, for managing the entire construction of the 500kV overhead transmission line project (Gatti – Muzaffargarh), our scope included; complete Survey of Transmission Line Route – Plan & Profile – Sag and Tension Calculations – Tower Spotting – Geotechnical Investigations – Selection of Foundation Types – Construction Scheduling – Procurement of Line Material – Managing of Marshaling Yards – Material Accounting and Project Dossier