Within any construction project, there are several environmental considerations and necessary measures that must be dealt with for the project to be commercially, legally, and physically viable. Soil investigation is primarily used for implementing most efficient and cost-effective construction methods for your structure. It helps the designers to evaluate different types of foundations (deep or shallow) and building materials that are best suitable for a well-constructed structure that substantially reduces the risk of differential settlement or collapse.

Depending on the type and size of the structure, soil investigation also helps to determine if the soil needs to be replaced or strengthened for avoiding consolidation settlement prior to building construction. In some situations, soil replacement or strengthening can work as a cheaper solution to improve geotechnical properties of the land.

Once soil samples are extracted from the land by way of rotary drilling, they are transported to the soil testing laboratory under controlled environment to detect soil composition and soil properties including but not limited to the presence or absence of groundwater/ moisture contention soils that are influential on the land’s seismic properties and composition. Identifying and mitigating the nature and composition of land can affect building capacity for volume change of soil in dry or wet conditions.

Firm Decon International offers geotechnical engineering services across Pakistan. Our in-house geotechnical testing laboratory enables us to provide time-sensitive quality control testing services for all types of construction projects. Our laboratory includes state-of-the-art soil & rock testing equipment adhering to strict quality assurance guidelines along with international engineering testing standards for sample handling and equipment usage.

Our experienced drilling crews are fully equipped and trained to execute projects in all topographies (soil, rock etc.)under dry and flowing water conditions. We own different types of drilling machinery, tools and accessories used to perform drilling in different types of strata and topographies across Pakistan. Selection of most suitable type of equipment to perform drilling depends on multiple factors including but not limited to site’s geological conditions and groundwater table. Sometimes varying underground conditions may require alternate resources as work progresses. Whether you require geotechnical investigations works for a house or a mega structure, we have it all covered under one roof.

At Decon, we ensure that we remain self-sufficient at providing such resources to avoid any unnecessary delays without compromising on quality of work. However, to achieve accurate results the clients must realize the importance of soil investigation for their projects at the design stage. Moreover, credibility & reputation of geotechnical investigation company must be considered prior to selection.