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* DECON makes history as for the first time in Pakistan, DECON has conducted "Testing of Screw Piles" for Compression test, Uplift test, Horizontal test and Submerge Condition test, at 100 MW QA Solar Power Plant at Bahawalpur. DECON is the only recognized/approved firm in Pakistan to have gained the experience for Screw piles testing usually done for solar power plants. * DECON has recently completed Geotechnical/soil Investigation for 2 x 660 MW Coal Power Plant at Sahiwal. * DECON has completed Geotechnical/soil Investigation for 100MW Gulpur Hydropower Project at Kotli, AJK. The scope of work also includes Seismic Refraction, Resistivity Survey, Detailed Mapping, Elastometer Testing, etc. * DECON has successfully completed Geotechnical/soil Investigation works encompassing 11 boreholes measuring depth of upto 150 Meters for 40MW Ashkot Hydropower Plant Project in extreme hard granite Strata including seismic exploration, resistivity, related field tests, laboratory tests and Final Geotechnical Investigations report. It is pertinent to mention here that the mentioned scope of work was independently done by DECON under one house operation. ------- * Geotechnical Investigations for 100MW Gulpur Hydropower plant project are almost complete. DECON is proud to have completed inclined drilling of 13 boreholes measuring depth of upto 100M rock drilling in a very difficult land and fast flowing river terrain. Other than inclined drilling, work scope for Geotechnical Investigations include Geological Mapping, Resistivity, Seismic exploration including related field tests, laboratory tests and final Geotechnical Investigations report. Work scope for Geotechnical Investigations completed under one house operation. ------- * NESPAK-ILF JV appreciates DECON for the successful completion of Geotechnical Investigation works of Iran Pakistan Gas pipeline project in 2013 whereby DECON worked under extreme/remote site conditions and security threats. Geotechnical Investigations work Scope included mobilizing 9 straight rotary machines along with simultaneous drilling of boreholes at 200 different locations upto max depth of 60 meters in Makran coast belt stretching over an area of 800 Kilometers from Pak-Iran border to Nawabshah. It is pertinent to mention here that DECON completed the Geotechnical Investigation works as per NESPAK’s expectations/ Contractual Obligations despite the fact that it had to suffer great loss in this project due to repeated attacks at its site crew by militants outfits. ------- * As per the client’s requirement for Geotechnical Investigation works in Sahiwal, DECON creates a new record by completing 425 meters drilling in 14 boreholes at different locations with 4 machines in a span of 4 days with an average drilling output of 26 meters per day per machine along with 3 plate load tests in 2 days. Work Scope other than Geotechnical Investigations include wave velocity tests along with related field tests, laboratory tests and final Geotechnical Investigation report. -------

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