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Rock & Soil Testing Pakistan:

DECON’s Geotechnical Laboratory enjoys recognition of private sector and government institutions such as NTDC, WAPDA, DISCOS, WASA, etc; and reputable consultants including NESPAK, BARQAAB, GOPA (Germany), ILF (Germany), SMEC (Australia), Design Institute (China), Saman (Korea) and many others. Rock and Soil Testing Laboratory tests performed by DECON strictly adhere to standards set by ASTM international and British Standards institution. To ensure maximum accuracy, our equipment (field and laboratory) is frequently checked and calibrated to maintain quality standards set by reputable international and local organizations.

Lab Tests (Soil)

Test name Standards
Grain Size Analysis ASTM D422
Hydrometer ASTM D422
Double Hydrometer ASTM D422
Natural Moisture ASTM D2216
Atterberg Limits ASTM D4318
Shrinkage Limit ASTM D4943
Specific Gravity ASTM D854
Bulk & Dry Density ASTM D5030
Moisture Density Relationship ASTM D698
Moisture Density Relationship ASTM D1557
Consolidation Test ASTM D2435
Direct Shear Test ASTM D3080
Unconfined Compression ASTM D2166
Pin Hole Test ASTM D4647
Crumb Test ASTM D6572
Swell Pressure ASTM D4546
Swell Potential ASTM D4829
Permeability Test ASTM D2434
Sulphate Content SQ-118 Merck
Chloride Content SQ-118 Merck
Organic Content SQ-118 Merck
Chemical Analysis of Water SQ-118 Merck
Standard Proctor ASTM D698
Modified Proctor ASTM D1557
CBR (3-Point Soaked) ASTM D1883
Grain Size AnalysisASTM D422
Grain Size AnalysisASTM D422

Lab Tests (Rocks)

Test name Standards
Bulk Density ISRM
Dry Density ISRM
Moisture Content ISRM
Porosity ISRM
Water Absorption ASTM D6473/ISRM
Specific Gravity ASTM D6473/ISRM
Uniaxial Test ASTM D2938/ISRM
Elastic Modulus ASTM D7012
Poisson Ratio ASTM D7012
Point Load ASTM D5731/ISRM
Brazilian Test ASTM D3967
Slake Durability ASTM D4644
Petrography ASTM C295