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Rock and Soil Investigation Pakistan

Geo-technical unit was created in the Company since its inception in 1992. The Company gradually developed resources to carry out land based geotechnical investigations in all types of soils and rocks. In the year 2005, the Company enhanced its capabilities by conducting geotechnical under flowing water conditions. This achievement was earned because of our own in-house research and development. Today we offer a comprehensive and versatile range of soil investigation techniques from simple test pits to more sophisticated drilling and in-situ testing methods.

Being one of the leading rock and soil investigation firms in Pakistan, we understand the importance of Geotechnical Investigation has for an efficient design of foundation. DECON has its own fleet of drilling rigs/equipment and technical manpower along with its own approved geotechnical testing laboratory. We are fully capable of executing drilling and testing activity independently without reliance on any third-party vendors. This allows us to provide a more quality-oriented service.

We are experienced acting as prime rock and soil investigation contractor. Our site managers, supervisors are thorough professionals well versed with soil and rock logging according to British and other relevant international standards. We own and operate extensive fleet of drilling and allied field-testing equipment. Our drilling manpower belongs to our permanent staff. Their exclusive use of our drilling equipment allows us to design the project not only based on actual testing parameters but based on Engineering judgement also.

The Company, by virtue of its extensive experienceand inhouse capabilities has completed geo-technical investigation of mega projects in which logistics is of paramount importance involving different terrains such as desert, hills, marshy land and plain areas all over Pakistan.

Field Tests.

  • Standard Penetration Test
  • SPT with Solid Cone Attachment
  • Undisturbed Sampling
  • Disturbed Sampling
  • Rock Core Sampling
  • Water Sampling
  • Field Density Testing
  • NMC with Speedy Moisture Test
  • Cone Penetration Test
  • Wane Shear Test
  • Piezometer Installation
  • Permeability Test
  • Infiltration Test
  • Lugeon Test (Water Pressure Test)
  • Minard Pressure Meter Test
  • Schmidt Hammer Test
  • Sonic Integrity Test